1st anniversay

On the 21st September was Chloe’s, my great niece, first birthday is heaven. Her life with my family was very short yet she is still very much alive which some people may think is a strange thing to write. We know we can’t physically have her with us but we don’t want to let the memory of Chloe to fade. Her brothers and cousins understand this, one of my nieces has told me that her middle daughter sometimes sings Twinkle, Twinle Little Star to Chloe which I think is amazing for such a young child.

‘Nanna’ (my sister) has a little ‘Chloe garden’ and the children like putting different things there. Katie and Mark, Chloe’s parents have a ‘Chloe shelf’ for stuff that family have bought which is perfect. We bought a bracelet for Katie and an angel with a yellow flower in it – they don’t expect it but it’s our way of showing love and that we also want to keep Chloe’s memory alive.

I know I can’t begin to understand what Katie is going through so I draw from my experience of forced adoption. It doesn’t even get anywhere near to her lose but I do understand losing my baby. I found him so at least I know he is alive,