My Child Lost

The pain of losing a child

The pain of losing a child is profound and very difficult to explain to anybody who hasn’t been through that experience.  Our experiences range from miscarriage, stillborn, genetic conditions, adoption, accident, murder, disappearance, and other reasons. 

My personal experience is forced adoption which people find difficult to get their heads around.  My son didn’t die, he went to adopters and has grown up but I still lost my baby, I can never get my baby back.  know he is alive but we connected 23 years later so as him being an adult.  That void can never be filled.

One niece lost her second child due to being stillborn.  She and her husband knew he died at 36 weeks and chose to let the pregnancy continue until it’s natural end.   I can’t imagine the pain of going through that and knowing my child would be born dead.  Another went through miscarriages before finally having two daughters.  After a miscarriage, she suddenly started talking to me about it so whilst I haven’t had a miscarriage I was able to draw on my own experience to show I cared. A third niece found out her daughter had Trisomy 18 (Edward’s Syndrome) about 8 weeks before the due date.  That was difficult for her and her husband as they didn’t even know if she would be born alive.  Their beautiful daughter survived a day but it hasn’t made it any easier.