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Soul of Adoption is a forum for parents, foster / kinship carers, adoptive parents, adoptees, formerly fostered adults, extended family and friends. However it is also open to adoption advocates, search angels, potential adoptive parents, potential foster carers and anybody else with a connection to adoption. It offers support, sharing, education, the good, the bad, the ugly and members are encouraged to be respectful. *There is a section for Parents of Loss so you are welcome to register an account.*

Welcome to Soul Of Adoption!

Forgotten Mothers UK is a forum initially for mothers of loss to adoption but people who have a genuine interest. can be supportive and/or have an understanding of adoption practices. Respect for members is very important as it’s a sensitive subject and difficult to understand on a personal level as we share feelings and experience. Not all experiences are exactly the same particularly as not all mothers went/go on to have more children.